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We have all fallen victim to the hypnotizing world of Instagram. The beautiful images are transcending, and before we know it we are lost in this eye candy world that is Instagram. Social media is all about visually appealing feeds. Want to get noticed? You need awesome pics. Simple!

This is why professional looking photos are integral for your business to stand out. Whether it’s images to share on social media, website, or print media; your photos will make a statement about your business, ignite interest and ultimately help generate sales for you.

Professional photography is often a cost that is avoided for small businesses. Whilst we believe it is an important investment, we also understand its difficult to prioritise with small budgets. This is why we have a range of props to help you create professional looking photos to support you with DIY photoshoots, and also offer a styling service to give you tips, and ideas to create unique photos that kiss your brand, within your budget. We will provide a mood board of ideas, and help you to capture the personality of your brand.

We had so much fun assisting Curious Kids Science with their professional photo shoot recently. We created a joint pinterest board for inspiration and ideas, and supplied them with some beautiful colorful powder which perfectly resonated with the fun, creative brand that they are.

Take a look at this amazing photo shoot – Photographer was Paula Brennan based in Sydney.

Here’s what the beautiful Rachel, the brains and heart behind this brand had to say about our service

My photo shoot for my business would have been so much less positive without Jasmine’s input and assistance – she helped me to define a look and feel that I wanted and gather the supplies that I needed to make it happen

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.
— Carl Sagan